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[PATCHLOG] 06.04.2017

Discussion in 'Traveler News' started by Emily [GIF], May 11, 2017.

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    Feb 10, 2017
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    Aloha dear hotel managers!

    In time for Easter we gave Aloha a completely new look in bright colours, that will be the foundation for further updates.

    We have of course written you a quick patch log. Since there have been many detailed changes, we will concentrate on the most important points. As you can see, the Interface has been restructured. This modernization will especially support an easier start for new players.


    - Improved clarity and arrangement of the navigation
    - More fresh and friendly graphics
    - Decreased amount of information on the first plane, without losing game complexity

    Structure of the Operating Areas:

    Our areas are built up clockwise as follows:

    1) Navigation

    - Main menu
    - Marketplace
    - Building Services & Service Lounge: Construction costs and important information about the buildings are now displayed directly. The warehouse is sorted into the construction categories. The lists of construction sites and buildings in the hotel are available here.

    2) Quest- and Action Display

    - New quest graphics that make it easier to identify tasks

    3) Hotel Information and Information about Vacationers

    - Information about experience, hotel level and hotel stars is now in one place.
    - In addition, hotel satisfaction is now displayed as a bar as well as the thoughts and open wishes of your vacationers, so you can notice them more quickly

    4) Resource Display

    - Sponti Points, Shells und Pearls, as resources, are now in the same place
    - Unemployed workers and free beds are indicated by markers on the left

    5) Chat and Overviews

    - Clearer and more generous design
    - Integrated friendlist

    Note: Information not needed at the time is hidden


    1) Neighborhoods were dissolved

    - Releases can now be used across regions
    - Special reception animation
    - Overall cleanliness / hotel decoration in the building

    2) Gifts

    - Some gifts cost artifacts
    - Can be found at reception after receiving 2 hotel stars

    3) Reception

    - There are no more part-wishes in the reception area anymore, so that more space remains for seasonal activities.
    - During the Easter campaign, for example, Easter wishes such as Easter egg painting and Easter egg hunts can be produced here.

    Your island management

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